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  • Cheerleader panties pulled down for spanking.

  • Lilian White paddle spanking. Lilian White’s bare bubble butt is upturned over her uncle John’s knee as a sound spanking teaches her that he means what he says in Celebrity Brat. After her boyfriend leaves, she’s soon getting a well deserved spanking for disobeying the rules. Those cheeks bounce as his hand sets them quivering.

  • Totally Nude Caning Totally Nude Caning

    Totally nude caning. A special treat for Alison Miller fans as she strips totally nude out of a skin-tight jumpsuit to be caned! Enjoy her fine booty bent over a desk while John Friday stripes her ass with a springy cane in Domestic Discipline. ”It stung as he really let me have it!”

  • Wife spanked in the kitchen. Skimpy sweat pants are pulled down to bare Amelia Rutherford’s magnificent, sculpted bottom cheeks for a resounding spanking. It’s all part of her admission that she’s not listening to husband Richard.

  • Secretary Spanking Secretary Spanking

    Secretary spanking. Beautiful blonde Adrienne Black knows she’s in trouble for losing a file – or did she hide it? She’s due a cheek reddening spanking, panties down, with a stinging paddle.

  • Alison Miller ass cheeks spanking. The crisp smack of two leather straps on bare flesh means it’s time for strict Domestic Discipline ,and Alison Miller’s bubble butt is a juicy target. She claims that her live-in lover’s mom insulted her at a party. But Alison was even ruder and only a dose of two straps...

  • No panties business meeting. Tall, provocative and classy, Amelia Rutherford wants to win a contract for the business she runs with Richard Anderson in Marriage Guidance. But not wearing panties to a meeting is so wrong. A hard, bare bottom spanking is the penalty.

  • Wife Caned Wife Caned

    Wife caned, Amelia Rutherford refuses to count off the strokes as her husband Richard canes her for flying off the handle in Marriage Guidance. It’s all about respect. The caning continues until Amelia finally obeys, but she earns so many extra strokes she gets a total of 21 instead of 12.

  • Bare Ass Hand Spanked Bare Ass Hand Spanked

    Bare ass hand spanked. Toned bottom bare, Valerie Bryant gets a second 220-smack spanking, breasts almost popping out, over the knee of Mr. Reed. “No matter how long I’m over your lap, nothing’s going to change,” she says.

  • Curvy Bottom Spanking Curvy Bottom Spanking

    Curvy bottom spanking. Will Alison agree to lie over his knee and bare her curvy bottom for a sound spanking? “Yes!” laughs Alison, “and he spanked hard…”

  • White panties pulled down for spanking. Pulled over the knee with her skirt raised. Harley’s white panties are pulled down for a hand spanking on her bare ass.

  • Bottom strapping over panties. Staying with John means obeying his house rules, so when Celebrity Brat Lilian White heads back to her parents’ home to collect things, she knows it means trouble. Will a two-tailed leather tawse across her bare ass make her toe the line? It sure makes her yelp and those jutting buns...

  • Domestic Discipline With Alison Miller. Losing her job puts Alison Miller under financial pressure. Will her boyfriend help out by moving into her apartment and paying bills? There has to be a tradeoff and a hairbrush spanking over his knee on shorts, panties and finally her jiggling bare ass is a small price to pay...

  • Belinda Lawson strapped on her bouncing ass. Laid flat on a gym vault, shorts and panties pulled down to bare her buttocks, top pulled up to expose bouncing breasts, stunning Belinda Lawson grits her teeth as the leather bites deep into her soft cheeks. Setting them rippling with every stroke.

  • Paddled For Stealing Paddled For Stealing

    Paddled For Stealing. Stealing an expensive cigar was a more serious error than Lilian White realised in Celebrity Brat. Having her pert ass bared for a 12 swat paddling will teach her not to steal. “The sting was intense,” admits Lilian.

  • Casey Receives Degrading Spanking. Student life was tough for young Casey and to save money she stayed at her Uncle John’s place which was close to the university. Of course, there were strict conditions and house rules which often resulted in her getting spanked. Casey didn’t want to go in today because she had not...

  • Girlfriend Otk Spanking Girlfriend Otk Spanking

    Girlfriend Otk Spanking. Syrena had returned late from a private spanking suite party she had failed to tell her boyfriend and dominant, Johnny, where she was. As she was Johnny’s collared submissive, she should have at least had the courtesy of telling him where she might be and who with! he was worried sick! She...

  • Naked over the knee spanking. “It’s Dani Daniels and she’s naked!”. Now enjoy exclusive behind the scenes access with Dani nude, testing different intensities of spanking, doing promos and going over the knee for a long spanking audition.

  • Nikki Flynn Hand Spanked Nikki Flynn Hand Spanked

    Nikki Flynn Hand Spanked. Behind the scenes of a shoot for, What the Dickens? reveals bad behavior and spankings galore! Fortunately, the cameras keep rolling as Nikki Flynn lies over the director’s knee to have her bare bottom resoundingly spanked for being late. “Better to watch than lie over his knee to get it.”

  • Cheerleader Hand Spanking Cheerleader Hand Spanking

    Cheerleader hand spanking. A virtually non-stop, hard bare bottom spanking awaits beautiful brat Samantha Woodley after she compromises Mr Anderson’s security clearance by contacting friends on his computer and phone. She’s over his knee for an ass blistering workout in Cheerleader Challenge.