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  • Gretta spanks man Gretta spanks man

    Gretta spanks man, After Gretta’s hapless boytoy gambles away 5K, she is forced to fire her gardener and cleaning lady and cancel her cable. So of course she expects her man to take over their chores… and entertain her.

  • Shower spy whipped and fucked. While lathering up her hot body in the shower, Lorelei Lee notices her cute horny lesbian roommate, Penny Pax, peeping through the door at her. Later on, Lorelei puts on her corset and high heals to teach Penny a lesson with spanking, finger fucking, fisting, face sitting, foot fucking, paddling,...

  • Todd spanked by two females Todd spanked by two females

    Todd continues straddling the bench to present his bare bottom for the hairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, flogger and birch.

  • Talia Lane nurse spanking Talia Lane nurse spanking

    Talia Lane nurse spanking in this edgy sadistic nurse fantasy. She drags David out of his wheelchair and gives him a bare bottom spanking, before putting on latex gloves for an intimate inspection. David protests, but kinky nurse Talia is unmoved, enjoying the chance to give him a beating with the hairbrush and tease him...

  • Pandora Blake spanks male Pandora Blake spanks male

    Pandora Blake spanks male Headmaster Mike Pain who runs a very traditional school. Students are kept in line using strict, firm corporal punishment. New teacher Pandora Blake has never given a beating before, but as she bubbles with curiosity (and perhaps a hint of desire?) Mr Pain offers to let her practice on him. He...

  • Mike Pain visits femdom clubs when his wife is away. During a casual chat, Pandora Blake discovers his penchant for fetish when she finds he’s wearing a BDSM chest harness and collar beneath his smart shirt. Mike’s wife asks Pandora to punish him, and she rises to the challenge with gleeful enthusiasm. Beginning with some...

  • Male spanked by female Pandora Blake. David Weston takes an over the knee spanking from strict governess Pandora Blake. She chastises him for his poor behaviour while delivering a firm hand spanking on his bare bottom. Suitably punished, and with his aching bum bright red, David is forced to stand half-naked to display the results...

  • Pandora Blake Otk spanks guy, No telling off, or holding still, Ron wanted to really let himself go, so he asked Pandora Blake to put him over her knee for a sensual hand spanking. Interspersed with a candid interview about Ron’s kinks and desires, this spanking for pleasure shows Ron wriggling and moaning with delight...

  • Molly Malone Canes Male Molly Malone Canes Male

    Schoolgirl cross-dressing, humiliation, and a harsh caning: Molly Malone wants payback. She blackmails her sadistic old headmaster, John Beecroft and seeks sweet revenge for the way he punished her all those years ago. John has no choice but to submit as Molly makes him cross-dress in a schoolgirl’s uniform. In white gym knickers and a...

  • After a caning session, David Weston returns to his girlfriend Nimue Allen. He willingly lies over her knee so she can inspect his cane marks, and she lovingly rubs lotion into his bottom. A playful hand spanking is called for, and David lifts his bottom to meet Nimue’s firm hand. His pleasure results in a...

  • Male Spanked By Stepmother Male Spanked By Stepmother

    Molly Malone plays the strict stepmother in this Victorian male spanking scene, taking a firm hand with her stepson Alexander Knight. As a dignified young man, he’s shocked that she’d try to exert her authority over him, but when she repeats her firm orders that he pull down his trousers, he can’t help but obey....

  • Male Caning Male Caning

    After a lifetime of preparation, clone number eight – David Weston – is nearly ready to fulfill his destiny. His instructor Pandora Blake puts him through his paces, ensuring that every movement and nuance matches that of his progenitor, the Crown Prince. She perfects the final touches – punching him to produce a bruise in...

  • Female Canes Male Female Canes Male

    After a night in the cells, Vincent’s obnoxious behaviour irritates the officer processing his paperwork so much that she decides to make his day a little more unpleasant. A strip search does him no favours, and he is given a choice: a lengthy court process culminating in eventual jail time, or judicial corporal punishment and...

  • Captured spy Will Savage is brought in and bound for questioning, alongside Caroline Grey, an agent suspected of fraternizing with him. Interrogators Blake and Rutherford suspect the spy of having a chivalrous heart, despite his defiance. If he won’t talk to save his own skin, he might to save that of his lover… How well...

  • Male Spanked By Female Male Spanked By Female

    Sebastian is so sure he’s going to ace their next essay he doesn’t bother studying and makes a bet with his flatmate: whoever gets a higher mark gets whatever they want for a day. Of course Nimue wins, and she milks it for all it’s worth. Sebastian is going to be her slave for the...