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  • Skinny naked violet spanked

    Skinny, naked violet spanked and gets her ass toyed with.

  • Alison Miller bouncing bottom cheeks. The crisp, rapid-fire smack of a riding crop across Alison Miller’s bouncing bare bottom cheeks only increases when Patrick Bateman realises she’s not taking his ‘attitude adjustment’ seriously. Those pert buttocks deserve sound punishment and Patrick is determined to work on her smart mouth. Will the crop change anything at...

  • Stacy Stockton whipping Stacy Stockton whipping

    Stacy Stockton whipping.

  • Girl in stockings spanking with Lily Swan & Joelle Barros. They were lovers and had already experimented with some erotic playtime with various spanking implements in Part 1 – This time it was Joelle’s turn to experience what it was like to be submissive to her girl when she plucked up the courage to ask...

  • Stacy Stockton riding crop spankings and all because parallel parking isn’t easy, but when Stacy Stockton scratches her car all down one side, husband Jonny breaks out the riding whip in Truly Madly Deeply. The crop stings on denim shorts, worse on panties and is a bare bottom burner for a total 85 strokes.

  • Alison Miller crop spanking as her jutting cheeks are perfectly proportioned for 100 strokes with a riding crop. When you have attitude at Reform School and defy the dress-code with a skimpy brightly colored skirt and heels.

  • Naked spanking Naked spanking

    Naked spanking. Isobel Wren is a beautiful and well known fetish actress, so when she answered a call for a spank casting, she met Johnny Lake, one of the many producers at the hotel event they were attending. Johnny was well known in the biz as a “Pleasure Dom” – taking time to ensure that...

  • Girl spanking girl video Girl spanking girl video

    Girl spanking girl video. Imagine a world of sheer fantasy where predatory Girl Guide, Zoe Page, was ensuring only the most popular girls could be in her little gang… and to be in or out of that clique was important to impressionable young girls like Chessie Kay… She was desperate to join and knew of...

  • Kesley Wilde riding crop spanking

  • Riding crop fetish spanking Riding crop fetish spanking

    Riding crop fetish spanking

  • Naked crop spanking Naked crop spanking

    Naked crop spanking as Bow gets a selection of paddles and riding crops used not only on her bar bottom but also her legs and her hands. She is naked for this part of the session and her lovely body takes a heavy punishment.

  • Sarah is none to happy to get home and find that her flat mate has opened a present of perfume and used it. She denies it at first but after some pretty rough questioning from Sarah admits she did try to steel it. Sarah is mad and lifting her skirt begins to give Darcy a...

  • Naked Caning For Lucy Naked Caning For Lucy

    After being well spanked and thrashed you would have thought that Lucy would have learnt her lesson and tried to behave but no. It soon became obvious that sterner measures were called for and would be taken. A little humiliation was in order to bring this young lady back down to ground, a revealing position...

  • Mature Wife Spanking Mature Wife Spanking

    Eve Edgar has to report for punishment, it has been ordered by her husband and it must be humiliating and of a most severe nature. She is not willing at first to accept the punishment but realises she has no alternative. She is paddled strapped, cropped and caned, the results are plain to see. This...

  • Caned Over Four Poster Bed Caned Over Four Poster Bed

    Susan and Val are having a fun week end at a posh hotel. When they ask to play a bit of a naughty game it all turns very painful for them. They quite like spanking games but this goes a whole lot further. Both girls take it in turns over the caning bench where a...

  • Jade Red Ass Spanking Jade Red Ass Spanking

    Jade red ass spanking video.

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford signed up for the Sexy Cleaning Company. Her interview and audition was a real sexy fun session all captured on our little handy cam as she bent over to show off her black stockings and her see thru knickers. Then when it was time to punish that naughty bottom we chose a...